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How to Lock on to a Great Article Writer

With the convenience offered by the Internet, there is no doubt that you will have an easy time finding freelance writers. However, it might take trial and error to search for the best article writer who can meet your content writing needs. You will oftentimes end up disappointed with the content you receive.

Article writerSpotting a good freelance writer online is a necessity. With a good wordsmith, you can be efficient with your online marketing campaign. There will be good results for your business. Spotting the best writer can be very easy, though. You simply need to take note of some suggestions regarding who you should hire for the content writing project.

Here are some suggestions to remember when you want to effectively lock on to good content writers:

They own an amazing and informative website.

Most content writers have a website where they promote themselves as a freelancer. To spot a good freelancer through the website, look for a website with a professional design and engaging copy. The blog should be actively maintained as well. Do not forget to look at the portfolio for some amazing samples and references.

Top companies always hire them.

Since you are looking at the portfolio, check who frequently hires the freelancer for his or her writing services. You have to find out where the contents he or she has written are published. It will be awesome to find an article writer who always posts content for well-known companies.

Their articles always get shared.

Having their content shared just means that they have successfully created interesting and informative content. People love to share content as long as they find it useful, funny, controversial, or thought-provoking. The readers usually share the published content in social media sites.

Their content can spark conversation.

Having many comments below a written article is a good indicator that the content writer can write engaging content. Engaging the readers means getting them to talk about a standpoint or about the content. Comments should be non-spam, though. Non-spam comments are good because that just means the content has piqued the reader’s interest.

They get citations for their work.

An amazing article writer gets cited for his or her work. Other article writers acknowledge the usefulness of the content, and that is why they cite the work. They also find the article authoritative. If other freelance authors cite the article, they simply link to it from their own content. A freelancer who gets a citation for an article he or she has written is a good one to hire.

They are frequently booked.

Freelancers accept booking when they are already undertaking a work request but have a new client wanting to avail of their writing services. Getting booked just means they are worth the waiting time. Clients might need to accommodate to the freelancer’s schedule but it should be worth the wait.

They don’t come cheap.

Amazing writers can dictate what rates they want to be paid with. They don’t charge pennies. A client should expect high rates for the freelancers who are highly sought after. An article writer can also opt to charge a flat rate or by the hour. There are even article writers who require a deposit before they start working on a job request.

Remember, these are just some of the suggestions you can bear in mind when you are looking for an article writer capable of meeting your content writing needs. Still, these tips can help you make a better decision when you want to hire someone to generate content for you.

The Value of Custom Challenge Coins

If you search in your pocket or wallet, apart from old receipts and paper, ID cards, and some bills, you may also see shiny little round items called coins. Coins generally do not have much value and thus, are considered as lower forms of currency. You could spot them in the depths of your pockets, corners of your bag, dark edges of the room, and in water fountains where some people make wishes.

Coins have a high value in another world. These are custom challenge coins that could arguably be considered among the most precious treasures. However, you cannot measure their value in any of the world’s monetary units. You also cannot trade them with any amount of money or gold.

To the nation’s defenders, particularly the soldiers – air force, armed forces, and navy – these coins are sometimes more valuable than their own lives. Challenge coins are worth more than money.

Imagine setting out on a journey, but you are uncertain if you are still going back. You leave your loved ones – your family, friends, and even your dog. For so long, it could even take years, you live in a place you are not even familiar with. What safety means for you is a rifle, and maybe that is all you need. But you have to be brave and not lose hope that you can go back to the ones you have left behind, including the country you are trying to defend.

Visualize having a life like that, ready to die for the country so that the people you love can live in a safe place where nobody can hurt them. This act merits more than monetary rewards.

Custom challenge coins represent heroism and bravery. They are given to those who engage in battle in times of terror as a symbol of their courage. The value rooted in challenge coins exceeds the biggest check a person could write.

Nowadays, challenge coins have different functions and are used in various settings. Apart from mementos for soldiers, they symbolize the identity of the holders. Different organizations use custom challenge coins to “mark” their members, and prevent intrusion from rival organizations.

custom challenge coinsSome systems or organizations also use challenge coins as a symbol of authority. For instance, monitors and prefects in schools can be given challenge coins to represent their authority in imposing discipline among their fellow students. Class presidents and other officers can also be given coins as a reminder of their position to implement orders. School teams can also have challenge coins to symbolize membership. They are a reminder of the importance of teamwork.

In some organizations, people also use custom challenge coins to honour employees who have done well in their fields. The coins serve as a reminder of their hard work and limitless determination to do a great job. Challenge coins only indicate their strength of character and good performance. They are also a great way to inspire employees to continue doing well and to convey that they can be better.

Perhaps these are just coins. People sometimes just throw them out, give them to beggars, use them as a paperweight, and flip them to make decisions. But in a different world, custom challenge coins are kept, framed, and treasured not because of their monetary value, but because of the things they represent – life, service, bravery, power, valor, and more. Their roles surpass mere economics. Challenge coins hold responsibilities that empower, and essentially have a rich historical and cultural background. They have gone out of their previous function in the armed forces and have made their way in the corporate world.

Cremation Services and Scattering of Remains

When the word ‘cremation’ is mentioned, you immediately think of a body being burned and then coming out as ashes. Yes, that’s actually what is going on, but there are different types and processes that the body may undergo.

Types of Cremation Services

There are three types of services: traditional, memorial, and direct.

Traditional Service

1. This combines the traditional burial and a cremation.

2. Like a traditional burial service, the deceased is also placed inside a casket. Family members, relatives and friends visit the deceased and pay their last respects. The body will be cremated after these funeral services.

Memorial Service

1. CremationThe memorial service can actually be performed with or without the cremated remains. This is done inside a chapel, wherein the friends and relatives honor the memory of the deceased. They do this through photos, stories, literary works and songs.

2. Family members can personalize the memorial service – they can choose the music, flowers, colors and content that their loved one would have appreciated.


1. Direct cremation is chosen by families who want it simple, fast and inexpensive. This is inexpensive because it doesn’t have memorial and funeral services.

2. The deceased is brought to the mortuary. Afterwards, a meeting is set and documents are gathered. Once all the paperwork is settled, cremation is performed.

3. Once the entire process is finished, the remains are brought to a cemetery, handed over to a relative to be buried or strewn in a preferred area, or given to the US Postal Service to be sent to a particular location.

As there are different types of services, there are also different ways on how your loved one’s remains will be kept remembered after the ceremony.

The Ashes after the Ceremony

Some choose to keep the remains in a special urn and place in a shelf inside their home. Some bury the urn at a cemetery.

Some choose to scatter the ashes.

Land, air or water? You choose.

1. Land

1. You can scatter it on private land (with the owner’s approval).

2. A public park will also be good (but check first with the authorities if they’ll allow it).

3. You can also go to a place that was significant for your loved one and scatter it on that place (again, obtain permission first with the proper authorities).

4. You can dig a shallow trench, place the ashes inside the hole, and bury the ashes with soil.

5. There are scattering gardens that allow you to spread the ashes evenly on loose soil, and then raked until it’s mixed with the ground.

2. Water

1. The remains can be disposed directly in a body of water (ocean, sea or lake). As you dispose the remains, you can also throw petals and wreaths. Take note that there are states that don’t allow this ceremony on fresh bodies of water, so check your state’s laws first.

2. You can also place the ashes inside a water-soluble urn that floats for a while and then eventually sinks or dissolves.

3. Air

1. You’ll need a private plane that’s flown by a professional, and he will cast the ashes at a specific area. Some companies require an additional fee if you wish to be inside the plane as well. If not, the company will just give you photos and documents that state the place and the time and date that the ashes were scattered.

2. There’s also ‘casting’ – you simply toss the remains downward on the wind. Before doing this, be aware of the wind direction. Several people can be involved in this activity – have them take turns, scoop the ashes and scatter them.

There are a lot of ways of giving honor to your beloved one’s memory. Some choose to perform a memorial service, and some choose to have them cremated straight away. Take your pick on how you want your beloved remembered, and you will be duly assisted.

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The Hurdles of a Keynote Speaker

There is no such thing as a perfect job. No matter how rewarding or happy a job may seem on TV or paper, there will always be difficulties involved when it comes to any undertaking.

Motivational speakersA career in being a keynote speaker is no exemption to this fact. There are obstacles and hurdles to be overcome before one can fully take advantage of the benefits from such a career path. Most of these difficulties manifest themselves at the start of a speaking job and if not handled properly, may lead to one quitting early and giving up on a potentially rewarding industry.

1. Accreditation

Similar to the multitude of businesses already existing, a business permit is required for them to operate. In terms of becoming a keynote speaker, accreditation is a mandatory prerequisite in order to be considered as a person who is qualified to address an audience. There is a multitude of accreditations and certifications one can gain in order to build a reputation. There is no problem with the availability of these things; it is the cost that they entail that poses a problem. Most speakers talk about “investing in personal growth” and this is what they mean by that. Getting certification and accreditation costs a lot of money and not everyone will be in the right mind to see the potential of these programs.

This is why most beginners still cling to a day-job while saving up towards getting certified to talk.

2. Experience

Every business starts with zero. For the speaker, that means zero invitations. The fundamental paradigm of experience and work is also present to speakers. To get paid to speak they need credentials. To get credentials they need to speak. This mostly causes speakers to start out small; giving free speeches for smaller groups. Although there isn’t a lack of speaking opportunities, everyone has to start small at first. This means large losses and small incomes are an expected phenomenon during the early stages of such a career.

3. The audiences

Although audiences are not considered as a problem, every speaker has had experience with disbelieving executives and professors and deans who think they know more and therefore start to challenge or disregard the speeches that speakers give. This gives new meaning to the saying “you can’t please everyone”. Because of the different natures and temperaments of people, one can only hope to engage everyone in the audience. The difficulty lies in keeping ones’ spirits up to not get unmotivated to quit.

4.Too much information

The nature of this kind of job entails tremendous amounts of research. One may be expected to deliver keynote speeches on contrasting topics within short spans of time. It can be imagined as being given large amounts of book reviews in school. Speakers have to absorb a lot of information and condense it into a presentation that will catch the attention of the audience. Unfortunately, the brain does not a dewy-decimal system of organizing information. An overload would cause toxicity and stress unto starting speakers in the industry.

With the points, it is not being said that becoming a keynote speaker is a far-from-ideal job. No job will be ideal if one only looks at the difficulties.

A topic that most speakers talk about is the “love of the job”. This entails that one will be ready to overcome challenges and obstacles as long as they are passionate about what they do. Keynote speakers are known for their passion for their professions which makes these hurdles more surmountable. At the end of the day, these challenges make success more enjoyable and rewarding for the determined speaker.

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