How to Lock on to a Great Article Writer

With the convenience offered by the Internet, there is no doubt that you will have an easy time finding freelance writers. However, it might take trial and error to search for the best article writer who can meet your content writing needs. You will oftentimes end up disappointed with the content you receive.

Article writerSpotting a good freelance writer online is a necessity. With a good wordsmith, you can be efficient with your online marketing campaign. There will be good results for your business. Spotting the best writer can be very easy, though. You simply need to take note of some suggestions regarding who you should hire for the content writing project.

Here are some suggestions to remember when you want to effectively lock on to good content writers:

They own an amazing and informative website.

Most content writers have a website where they promote themselves as a freelancer. To spot a good freelancer through the website, look for a website with a professional design and engaging copy. The blog should be actively maintained as well. Do not forget to look at the portfolio for some amazing samples and references.

Top companies always hire them.

Since you are looking at the portfolio, check who frequently hires the freelancer for his or her writing services. You have to find out where the contents he or she has written are published. It will be awesome to find an article writer who always posts content for well-known companies.

Their articles always get shared.

Having their content shared just means that they have successfully created interesting and informative content. People love to share content as long as they find it useful, funny, controversial, or thought-provoking. The readers usually share the published content in social media sites.

Their content can spark conversation.

Having many comments below a written article is a good indicator that the content writer can write engaging content. Engaging the readers means getting them to talk about a standpoint or about the content. Comments should be non-spam, though. Non-spam comments are good because that just means the content has piqued the reader’s interest.

They get citations for their work.

An amazing article writer gets cited for his or her work. Other article writers acknowledge the usefulness of the content, and that is why they cite the work. They also find the article authoritative. If other freelance authors cite the article, they simply link to it from their own content. A freelancer who gets a citation for an article he or she has written is a good one to hire.

They are frequently booked.

Freelancers accept booking when they are already undertaking a work request but have a new client wanting to avail of their writing services. Getting booked just means they are worth the waiting time. Clients might need to accommodate to the freelancer’s schedule but it should be worth the wait.

They don’t come cheap.

Amazing writers can dictate what rates they want to be paid with. They don’t charge pennies. A client should expect high rates for the freelancers who are highly sought after. An article writer can also opt to charge a flat rate or by the hour. There are even article writers who require a deposit before they start working on a job request.

Remember, these are just some of the suggestions you can bear in mind when you are looking for an article writer capable of meeting your content writing needs. Still, these tips can help you make a better decision when you want to hire someone to generate content for you.