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The Value of Custom Challenge Coins

If you search in your pocket or wallet, apart from old receipts and paper, ID cards, and some bills, you may also see shiny little round items called coins. Coins generally do not have much value and thus, are considered as lower forms of currency. You could spot them in the depths of your pockets, corners of your bag, dark edges of the room, and in water fountains where some people make wishes.

Coins have a high value in another world. These are custom challenge coins that could arguably be considered among the most precious treasures. However, you cannot measure their value in any of the world’s monetary units. You also cannot trade them with any amount of money or gold.

To the nation’s defenders, particularly the soldiers – air force, armed forces, and navy – these coins are sometimes more valuable than their own lives. Challenge coins are worth more than money.

Imagine setting out on a journey, but you are uncertain if you are still going back. You leave your loved ones – your family, friends, and even your dog. For so long, it could even take years, you live in a place you are not even familiar with. What safety means for you is a rifle, and maybe that is all you need. But you have to be brave and not lose hope that you can go back to the ones you have left behind, including the country you are trying to defend.

Visualize having a life like that, ready to die for the country so that the people you love can live in a safe place where nobody can hurt them. This act merits more than monetary rewards.

Custom challenge coins represent heroism and bravery. They are given to those who engage in battle in times of terror as a symbol of their courage. The value rooted in challenge coins exceeds the biggest check a person could write.

Nowadays, challenge coins have different functions and are used in various settings. Apart from mementos for soldiers, they symbolize the identity of the holders. Different organizations use custom challenge coins to “mark” their members, and prevent intrusion from rival organizations.

custom challenge coinsSome systems or organizations also use challenge coins as a symbol of authority. For instance, monitors and prefects in schools can be given challenge coins to represent their authority in imposing discipline among their fellow students. Class presidents and other officers can also be given coins as a reminder of their position to implement orders. School teams can also have challenge coins to symbolize membership. They are a reminder of the importance of teamwork.

In some organizations, people also use custom challenge coins to honour employees who have done well in their fields. The coins serve as a reminder of their hard work and limitless determination to do a great job. Challenge coins only indicate their strength of character and good performance. They are also a great way to inspire employees to continue doing well and to convey that they can be better.

Perhaps these are just coins. People sometimes just throw them out, give them to beggars, use them as a paperweight, and flip them to make decisions. But in a different world, custom challenge coins are kept, framed, and treasured not because of their monetary value, but because of the things they represent – life, service, bravery, power, valor, and more. Their roles surpass mere economics. Challenge coins hold responsibilities that empower, and essentially have a rich historical and cultural background. They have gone out of their previous function in the armed forces and have made their way in the corporate world.