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Easy Steps to Build a House from Movable Cubicles

People can now use movable cubicles in organizing their stuff and living spaces. In the old times, these containers were only used in cargo and shipping, but containers have found another purpose in the modern world.

ContainersPortable containers and cubicles come in varying sizes. While the containers are in various fixed size, there are also customization services for movable cubicles to optimize the size with your vacant space.

Some people are using cubicles and containers as a portable office space. This can be ideal for start-ups and for temporary office needs. Those who are working from home can also benefit from using these cubicles as an office space.

One popular use of containers is in building houses. The framework of the container is strong enough to protect people against storms, and the cost and time needed to construct a house from a container is usually lower.

Here are the basic steps you need to know when building a house from movable cubicles.

Layout the design of the house

Layout first the floor plans to figure out the number of cubicles you will need, as well as the estimated customization required. The modular nature of cubicles can be beneficial in laying out the house plan and layout.

Seek advice from the experts

Engineers, architects, and contractors can help you in building and customizing the cubicles for your house. They also play a big part to know whether the cubicle will still be safe after customizing the cubicles. They can also help you in arranging the needed documents prior and after the construction.

Determine the most suitable cubicle for your house

Second hand cubicles can be bought cheap. But you do not know on what these cubicles have shipped in the past. You might also want to look for new cubicles as an alternative. Just make sure that the cubicles you will buy are suitable for construction. Expert advice from your builders can help you in knowing what size and material you need for your cubicle house.

Layout the foundation

This is one area where the expert builders can give you important plans and ideas. Concrete foundation can also be used for movable cubicles, but steel plates should be embedded on it at the corners of the cubicles. Your builders will know on what size and thickness is needed for the steel plates. Similarly, piers can be used instead of concrete foundation for cheaper alternative.

Place the cubicles on the site

There are options available in moving cubicles and containers. You can rent a crane or forklift to safely lift the cubicle and place it on the foundation. Adjustments might also be needed after the cubicle has been placed on the foundation. Consult the supplier where you bought the cubicle and check if they have an arrangement in moving the cubicles.

Connect the cubicles according to house construction plan

Cubicles often have limited space in the interior. But the modular nature of the cubicles can be utilized to compensate for the limited space in its interior. Depending on the house construction plan, you will need to place connectors on certain areas of the cubicle. These connectors can be bolts, or it can also be welded in place of the bolts. Connectors must be placed between the cubicle and the metal plates on its foundation, as well as in between cubicles.

Place the roof on the cubicle

While the cubicle itself is already a closed space, you might still want to place a roof for added aesthetics. Similarly, roofs can also be a non-optional item depending on the construction plan.

Slice and seal the openings

Passageways, doors, and windows must be cut from the steel frame of the cubicles. These can be done with a cutting torch, jig saw, or grinder. These openings will then need to be sealed with backer rod, caulk, or foam sealant.

Place the fittings in the cubicle house

Doors and windows can now be placed in the cubicle house.