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Badge Lanyards – The Advantages And Long Term Benefits Of Using These As Promotional Items

Badge lanyards, can be found in different domains and are now used in a lot of ways other than being an ID holder. Some of the noted uses are: to hold small items, show support to favorite sports teams and to show support to a cause. Hence, making this one of the custom items that gain popularity in the world of corporate marketing because of its simplicity and usefulness.

Adding to their popularity are the following benefits and advantages:

1. Badge lanyards are inexpensive and easily procured. They can be bought in bulks, thus discounts can be availed. These are something that the costumer would really use and not just throw away right after. They could still use it in other activities or for other purposes other than its intended uses. You can order these with just a few clicks from the internet. You can have it delivered right in front of your doorstep.

Badge Lanyards2. They are very user-friendly. Even kids know how to use it. No complicated user manual or confusing buttons needed. You just have to slip or insert your badge and wear it around your neck like a necklace. No need to worry about pricks or injury to the skin. You need not to worry that about damage on the fabric as unlike pins, it is just used around the neck. In comparison with clips, you don’t have to look for a firm spot on your clothes so you could clip it on. The tendency of your badge or ID being detached without you even noticing it is a lot lesser. If you worry about safety, lengths and sizes of lanyards are custom-fitted and in addition to that, some lanyards are even equipped with breakaway feature. It is a quick-release clasp that eliminates the risk of choking or strangulation.

3. There is a design available for everyone. Badge lanyards can be tailored to fit the requirements of the user. In addition to versatility, another important benefit of is their durability. They could still use it in other events for a long time, unlike resorting to posters and flyers which are very dispensable.

4. Badge lanyards are form of constant advertisement. These serve as constant reminder to you, your employee, your client and your potential customers what you offer. You do not have to pay advertising companies to do the marketing, wearers of the lanyards that bear your company’s name, logo or contact details would be a perfect walking advertisement at very good line of sight.

5. They are more than marketing tools. They are also used as gift to employees and customers. You are offering something to the customer or to your employees for “endorsing your products or services.” This could help in boosting the employees’ morale. Employees would feel that they belong to the company. They would take pride in wearing something that shows their identity.

6. They come up with different colors and materials making them very visible. Reflectorize materials could emphasize what are written in the lanyards even in low light or in the dark. Studies show correlation between colors and advertising. Colors are known to have an effect in the moods of the consumers. In addition to that, another factor that grabs customer attention is novelty which can be achieved by using lanyards for they usually come in customizable catchy designs.

It is very impressive how a simple item such as badge lanyard could offer so many uses to individuals and organizations. It offers several advantages in a small package. So if you have not yet considered in using Badge lanyards to promote your products, services or your company, now is the time to do so. With your assistance, we could tailor-fit a lanyard just for you. You just have to discuss with us your goals and objectives. Advertising would be as easy as 1-2-3.